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August 06, 2008


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14 million women living in poverty is absolutely not normal!

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Here what does the Worrywarts means?..Anyway the post is more informative..The post addresses the problems of women..nice work..

Margaret Thomson

Women do ruminate more than men -- if that's what you mean by the statement that women are more likely to be "worry warts".

Ruminating is one form of problem solving, when problems are difficult, intractable, longstanding -- the kinds of problems women address and sometimes solve in raising children, providing for families with limited lifetime incomes and career opportunities, limited access to health care, few opportunities to save for retirement or day to day emergencies, etc.

Rumination is also what makes women more susceptible to post traumatic stress disorder -- we tend to relive the traumatic events in our lives -- sometimes this helps us become less responsive to the trauma, but at other times or for some women, rumination just keeps the level of trauma high.

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