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June 27, 2008


Alayna Ferrin

I have an incredible story! A woman named Jenny Mackenzie recently made a documentary about a young girls soccer team. This girls team went undefeated for two years then played in a boys league, so that they could have more competition. Their story is incredible, and the movie itself is very well done. This movie could be very controversial, in that these people let their girls play in a boys league. There are many arguments saying that it is wrong, and yet others say, girls should have just as many opportunities as boys and shouldn’t be discriminated against. These little girls have so much talent in the world of soccer, and all have the potential to become incredible soccer players as they grow up. This movie is all about soccer and the joys of playing the game, the competition, and the spirit of friendship that comes from playing on a team.
The reason this is applicable to your site is because these girls are going against the social norm through their sport, and slowly changing the way society thinks because of their determination to make a stand about what they think is fair and right.
I think that this would make for a really good article topic and it would spark conversation, and I have more information for you whenever you are ready for it. You can also check out their website at www.kicklikeagirlmovie.com.


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